T4 Test Kits

Thyroxine Test Kits

Tarinn T4 rapid test can measure the T4 level of dogs and cats within 10 minutes, and has high sensitivity, strong specificity, and easy operation.

T4 Test Kits
  • Diagnosis of thyroid disorders in dogs and cats.
  • Helps to monitor the effectiveness of thyroid hormone replacement therapy.
  • Can be used to screen for thyroid disorders in breeding animals.
Intent Use

T4 test is a diagnostic method for rapid detection of total thyroid hormone (TT4) in blood. TT4 is the main product of thyroid secretion, and also an indispensable component of the integrity of the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid regulatory system. TT4 measurement can be used for the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, primary and secondary hypothyroidism, and the monitoring of TSH suppression therapy.