FCV Ag Test Kits

Feline Calicivirus Antigen Test Kits

Tarinn FCV Ag rapid test can provide results within 10 minutes, and has high sensitivity, strong specificity, and easy operation. It is suitable for clinical diagnosis, epidemiological investigation and animal prevention and control fields.

FCV Ag Test Kits
  • Rapid diagnosis of feline calicivirus (FCV) infection.
  • Helps to prevent the spread of FCV to other cats.
  • Can be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.
Intent Use

FCV is a common pathogen of cat respiratory and oral diseases, which can cause fever, runny nose, cough, oral ulcers and other symptoms. If not diagnosed and treated in time, it may lead to serious complications and death. Therefore, timely detection and isolation of infected animals are very important.